Fieldview consultants have made major contributions to the current state-of-the-art in understanding field protection and human rights, producing resources that have assisted practitioners around the world. In addition to widely and publicly distributed studies, Fieldview also does research and analysis for the internal institutional use of its clients.

Fieldview specialises in analysing the political and conflict context on the ground and the client institution’s impact on the real needs of the people it aims to serve, examining the structures and techniques employed and identifying examples of strategic or tactical impact.

Research projects might be comparative studies or cover a single crisis in depth. They may be focussed on a particular institution or more broadly on the holistic response of the international protection "system". Studies may take the form of evaluations of individual projects or institutions. Thoroughly documenting and publicising effective operations can also be an important means to help institutions standardise best practice internally.

Research and analysis does not stop with the production of a report but is ideally integrated into future strategic planning and training development in order to ensure that lessons are really learned for the benefit of future operations.


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