"The most effective means of human rights protection is through presence in the field, but if it is not to disappoint it must incorporate the lessons of best practice from recent successes and failures. Liam Mahony has already made an outstanding contribution to analyzing those lessons, and Fieldview Solutions offers means of ensuring that they are reflected in new operations on which may depend the lives and dignity of thousands under threat today."

- Ian Martin, former head of United Nations field missions in East Timor and Nepal

"I applaud Fieldview Solutions' ongoing promotion of best practice approaches and rigorous training. Liam Mahony’s persuasive and practical approach is changing the way international organizations work in conflict zones and is a logical and vital application of the ground-breaking protection resources developed at the HD Centre."

- Martin Griffiths, former Executive Director, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue


"Liam Mahony and his colleagues are well situated to help humanitarian and human rights agencies chart effective courses of action in assisting civilian populations caught up in conflicts. The wide experience and constructive approach they bring to today’s operational challenges promise to make Fieldview Solutions a highly sought-after resource."

- Larry Minear, Tufts University (retired)


"The only real measure of success in protection work during conflict and disaster is the practical difference it makes in people's daily lives. The team at Fieldview know this and care passionately about improving protection where it really counts - on the ground. Fieldview are practical, tactical, strategic and field-wise. They are realistic, experienced and creative. I recommend them as trainers and advisers."

- Hugo Slim, Author, Protection - An ALNAP Guide for Humanitarian Agencies